Emerald Engagement Rings Are Beautiful

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On New Year’s Eve, I got engaged to be married. Needless to say, it was the best New Year’s Eve of my life.

Unlike the situation for most couples, my fiancé surprised me with a ring that I had no idea I was receiving. He picked it out for me. Furthermore, the ring was not a diamond, what most females get. Mine is an emerald ring.

Many people own the emerald as a birthstone ring. If you birthday is in May, the gemstone is your birthstone.

However, I believe the reason my husband bought me one of the beautiful emerald rings and not a diamond ring, is because he knows I like unique jewelry.

Frankly, diamond engagement rings are so common, rarely do they stand out unless they’re huge rocks. Even then, there’s nothing particularly distinctive about them. The emerald, on the other hand, beautifully green in color, is one of the unique gemstones.

My future husband told me that mine is a natural emerald and that no two gems of this kind are alike. I love knowing, every time I gaze at my beautiful ring, that my ring is truly one of a kind.

Emerald engagement rings come in many wonderful types. You can purchase their settings in 14K yellow gold, or my personal favorite, 14K white gold. Or, you can spend a bit more money for a platinum setting.

My ring has the emerald stone in the center, surrounded by tiny diamonds. The center stone can come in a variety of shapes. Mine is a round cut. You’ll also find oval cuts, square cuts and more.

If you own one of these beautiful green grass colored rings, you’ll want to clean it with a mild soap. You may also use a gentle brush.

Or, a better option may be to bring your ring into a jewelry store and purchase the professional cleaning solution that they recommend. A jeweler will also clean your ring for you if you desire.

I find that it’s better for me to keep my engagement ring on rather than to take it off if I’m showering or washing the dishes. I once lost a ring down the sink drain, and that was not a good experience.

So choose an emerald engagement ring for that special distinctive look that you’ll appreciate, and that people will notice. It makes for a wonderful match to a wedding band.